Thursday, November 24

To Leave Or Not To Leave

So I might stop blogging. Le gasp.
We shall see.

Wednesday, November 9

Artsy Fartsy Art

In Studio Art, we got to use a mass ammount of stamps that my teacher aquired over the years to create whatever we wanted.
This is what I ended up making. I really wanted to make more. It was ever so much fun.

The colours in the picture aren't as nice as the real thing, but you get the idea. The top one, with the key, is my favourite.
Yeah, I just thought I'd share that with you all. Now go grab some stamps and cool papers and make your own!

Ho, Ho, Hold It

It's November.
I know you couldn't possibly have noticed all those fine mustaches and calanders, so I'm just letting you know. It's November.
It's also the time of the year where Leon's decides it's a great time to start their most annoying Christmas commercial of the century, beating previous Leon's Christmas commercials in annoyingness. They are sure to force tv viewers and radio listeners to endure the horrible sounds of Fa La La. Not only that, but they can't help but backup the lies revolving Christmas. The main one being Santa Claus.
So much for a season of love, joy and other goodly things - parents are lying through their teeth, creating the image of some creeper fat man wearing red, sneaking down and into your house so that children get nightmares and can't sleep.
No sugar plum fairies, just criminals in red leaving behind what? Toys he stole from the other homes he's broken into? Oh Ho Ho Ho!
Just kidding. But in all seriousness, why in the heck does Santa even exsist in our childrens lives (let it be noted that I'm only sixteen, going on seventeen, and do not have any children - nor will I for quite some time)?!
It's not because years ago some jolly good fellow decided to be kind, it's not so our kids have an excuse for all the presents and goodness, it's not for anything! There simply is no reason!

That's why I'll never force my children to believe in something that doesn't exsist, just so that later on their dreams of old fat men are crushed and they never believe in anything you say or do ever again.

At least, not anything lame.
There's more than a small possibility I'll come up with a much cooler thing to believe in.
For instance, my parents used to tell us for Christmas, that after we go to sleep they would start morphing. My mom would get large, her hair would start turning grey and her cheeks would get all red and rosy. My dad would go through a similar phase of largeness, greyness and rosiness, including a sudden growth in his beard hair. Then they'd don red clothing and a bag, within which a bunch of presents would appear. Then they would sneak down the stairs silent as a mouse and pile up the presents. After eating and cookies and milk, they would head back up the stairs and into bed and wouldn't wake up until morning.
Which is when we would tear down the stairs, realize they weren't awake, tear back up the stairs, jump on their bed and yell at them to get up, then tear down the stairs, wait impaitently as they eat and read us the bible story and then tear our stockings and presents open.

Let's just say that every holiday my parents morph into the mascot of said holiday and it's so much cooler because at that time, your parents tend to be pretty awesome still (not saying they still aren't, but there is less known flaws).

In the long run of me attempting to summarize my thoughts into a post for you to read,
happy almost holidays.

Sunday, November 6

Helloo Handsome

I'd like to compare my weekends to that of Olive Penderghasts, off of Easy A. Like her, I don't go to parties (though I went bowling) and I tend to be pretty unsocial about life. Yes, I spent my weekend reading the many magazines I aquired through kijiji so that I could start cutting them out. Of course, I got sidetracked and started cutting out hot guys I came across and stuck them on my sketchbook.

Front View: Zack Effron, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Lautner, Michael Cera (not hot, but is funny so he counts), the guy off of How I Met Your Mother (who's gay but who cares), Logan Lerman, Chord Overstreet (wearing underwear that says "Ellen's got my tight end covered") and other random hot guys from fabulous advertisments.
Back: How I Met Your Mother guy with a silver platter in his hand (that had some award on it, but now it has Paul Rudd sitting on it), Zack Effron, That Guy Who's Name I Can't Remember and little Taylor Lautner peeking his head out where my finger is. Oh yeah, and the words saying "The waiting is over...."

Let's just say my sketchbook is significantly more attractive than it was a few days ago.

Thursday, November 3


You know how I said I'd start adding more pictures later? Well here's a picture from the time me and Zan and the rest of my school did a giant Ghost Town thing in our downtown.

I'm the ghostie on the left and my dear friend Zan is the one in the cool mask. The ghosts around us... well I don't know who they are. Yes this picture is rather edited but I think it adds to the ghostie-ness.

Mmm, going to the supposedly great city of Toronto today! I'm not really a fan of the place and I complain a lot while I'm there, but it should be fun times because we're going to see art in galleries and buy clothes in shops. I just hope it doesn't rain again, the weather is always so gloomy when I go there.

Wednesday, November 2

Semi-Hipster Lovin'

I'm having a super hipster moment here and I need to share it.
Why the heck is everyone finally realizing that Logan Lerman is the hottest strapping young fellow to ever walk the face of this earth thus far? I KNEW THIS AGES AGO. You're all so behind on my know-it-all life, pwah. And now that you all know he's gorgeous, I'm seeing his face everywhere (and I'm not really complaining about that ;D). It's just really annoying because I feel like I can't like him now that he's more famous!!! Stupid 'Three Musketeers' and other such movies.

The everyday problems of a semi-hipster.

And for those of you who are more behind than anyone, this is the fellow himself (I also wanted an excuse to see his face, haha):

(Photos courtesy of SparkNotes, thank you for distracting me while I was doing English homework. No really, it was a grand distraction - best ever!)

Monday, October 31

Happy Stuff Your Face With Candy Day!

I was a ghost today at school. A very, very pale ghost. I swear I've never worn so much white in my life.
It wasn't just because it was Costume Day to earn house points, no. It was also to participate in the "Ghost Town" freeze in the downtown area (of which my school is in) and basically send the message that our downtown will be a ghost town if they get rid of our school.
It's also just a lot of fun. It was. I froze holding open the door for people and sort of bowing. I figured it'd be a good position, but just a tip for anyone who might do something like this in the near future:
DONT PUT YOUR ARMS UP TOO HIGH. They start to lose feeling at around four minutes.

Also, to make up for the lack of picture of my ghostlyness (and other pictures I've promised and I know, I'm just currently too lazy to get up and grab the camera and cord) here's a super awesome comic. If you love it click here for more.

Edit: I found a clementine that looks like a miniature pumpkin, take a looksie:

Thursday, October 27

Being Peachy, Not So Peachy

Here I am, sitting in front of the fire in a giant pink dress all dressed up like Princess Peach ready to go to my school dance. Then I get a phone call from my friend Amy passing on the bad news, the dance is cancelled. Thus, I'm just sitting here having spent way too much time getting ready and for what?
In movies and nonsense, when a dance gets cancelled and everyone freaks out, it usually seems ridiculous. When it happens in real life, it's really bloody frustrating.

On the bright side, Halloween is coming up and I can dress up again. What are you planning on being, whether youre going trick or treating, partying, handing out candy...?
I, as I said before, am being Princess Peach. A now slightly more grumpy than usual Princess Peach.

Wednesday, October 19

Epic Epicness of Epic, Epic?

Father is fabulous, as he's semi-fixed my computer!
Another fabulous thing, along with many others, is Batman. I mean the teletoon retro Batman. It's ever so epic. So far this is my favourite quote, highlighting Robin's ridiculous stupidity which I love:
This episode the Riddler gives Batman & Robin the riddle,"It has four legs, but can't go anywhere". This is them trying to solve the riddle.
Batman: Maybe it's a river! But wait, rivers move..
Robin: Maybe it's a fountain! But that four legged thing really stumps me...
Batman: Well ANIMALS have four legs...
Robin: Maybe there's an animal in the fountain!!

Great logic. Really.
Also. Another great thing in my life is this plan me and my dear friend Lauren have. We want to create a play sort of thing for the talent show thinger coming up way in the furture at our school. It will have something to do with super heros and we're trying to get my brother to play the baddie. The baddie that shall be a "Abdominator: literal abs of steel, this villain makes all the girls swoon whenever he reveals his abs.". Yes.

Monday, October 10

Gobble, Gobble

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. I know in the USA it's some huge holiday, but here it just means visiting family, eating a huge sleepy dinner and endure long pointless talks. It's all good fun though. There's just no insane over the top parades or anything.
Of course, the whole point of Thanksgiving is to be extra super duper thankful for simple and brilliant things. Were supposed to take the time to think more about what we love, what we are glad to have.

I'm just glad that even though my family is a little insane and crazy, my life is pretty awesome.
What are you thankful for?

Alsoo! I've been watching this movie, that is basically a fantasy/fairytale/comedy lovers dream. It's called The 10th Kingdom and you can actually watch it on YouTube (look for MagicJems videos, they're clearer). It's long, but if you've watched Lord of the Rings I'm sure you'll be able to over look the length.

I feel like there was something else I was supposed to mention. But hey, if I remember I can just post another postie.

(p.s. Random photo is something I drew on my GhettoPod. Enjoy!)

Sunday, October 9

Bust Out The Icecream, Im Crying

A few days ago, or maybe last week I'm not sure (I've lost track of time), this guy from my school "created an event" for everyone to meet up at the park in front of our school. Not for a rally, just for a talk. Actually this was maybe two weeks ago because it was the Sunday after we heard the bad news of our school closing.
Anyway, me and my friend Amy went and there was a good portion of people there. Maybe somewhere around fifty? And we all huddled in on our blankets and in our blankets and snuggies. Then we just talked and gave people/got lots of hugs.
By the way, it was about 7:00 at night and lasted until like 11:00 hence the blankets and such. It was cold. And later it rained and we all ran under the tarps some smart people brought. The people with umbrellas stayed outside until we got more tarps.
Around this time, we had a... I don't remember what the word is for it. But basically it was stand up, state who you are, talk about yourself and how you've been, then everyone claps for you.
It eventually got really sad. Most people talked about how crappy thier life was before the came to PCVS (my school that's "closing"). I eventually got the courage to talk way later in the night. And of course I was the first one to break down and cry and most likely look terrible. It stinks because I didn't want to cry. But whatever, I got lots of hugs and people coming up to me, lightly punching me in the arm and saying, "Hey, you made me cry!".
I'm not going to tell you what I said though because:
A) you don't really need to know
B) my mom reads this blog and she doesn't need to know
C) I'd rather not say, as it was only meant for that time

It was good though. A lot of people needed that.

Wednesday, October 5

Lions, Lions Everywhere

Go. To the nearest theatre. And watch the Lion King in 3D. You won't regret it. Brought back many childhood memories, not that I'm that old. But still. Also, it's super fun to sing along. And it's in 3D. Bonus. The only flaw was that when scenes went fast, it looked like five different lions running around at once. Otherwise. Go! And dress up, because I didn't and I regret it.

Btw. The main reason I've been posting more is because I got the blogger app for my ghetto iPod.... It's awesome. Get it if you can. Makes things easier.